Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get promotional stickers?

 We now have promotional stickers available.  Please email us with your name and address, along with how you plan to display your Navigator sticker.


Can I get Navigator products repaired?

Our technicians can usually repair any Navigator electric motor, depending on the availability of parts and the nature of the repair.  We always make every attempt to repair damaged motors that come in here, but sometimes we encounter one that is too far gone to do anything with.  In this situation, a new motor can be purchased. If you Navigator is in need of service, please send us an email describing what needs to be repaired, and consider including some pictures to help us troubleshoot your issue. In some cases you will be just as well off simply ordering replacement parts from our Parts Shop

I have lost my installation/owner’s manual for my Navigator Product. Where can I get a replacement?

Please call our Customer Service Department to get replacement installation/owner’s manuals.


I need replacement parts that are not shown on the Part Shop of the website. Where can I get these?

Additional parts are available by calling or emailing Customer Service. While the parts shown on the Parts Shop of the website are the ones most frequently needed for our products, all the parts available are not shown. Be prepared to provide which model you need parts for, and sending us pictures can be very helpful in ensuring that you get the proper parts

I need to have a component/part shipped overseas. Is this possible?

Navigator Products can ship overseas. You will need to email the Customer Service Department for shipping prices.

My Navigator will not run, is there any troubleshooting I can do?

First, make sure that your battery is fully charged and all connections are good.  If the motor still does not run, disconnect the motor from the control module and hook the motor directly to the battery with jumper wires [you will have to make one, possibly using alligator clips]. If the motor runs forward and reverse with this set up, the problem is probably a bad control module or remote. If motor still does not run, it is likely that it needs to be repaired or replaced, and the unit should come back for evaluation, contact Customer Service for shipping instructions.


Why do I keep breaking blades on my Navigator?

With a 2 or 3 blade Navigator installed on your outboard, you must take care not to make sharp turns while traveling at planing speed.  If you make a sharp turn while on plane, the prop blades on the Navigator will make contact with the surface and may snap off.  Always slow down before making any sharp turns.


My Navigator prop is above the waterline, will it still work?

The prop of your Navigator must be at least two inches below the waterline to work properly.